Sony Xperia L3 review

There are some devices shown off at MWC that are headline grabbers, doing the big things and pulling in attention. Then there are the lower-range devices, using older technology to hit a lower price point, that many people will probably buy instead. That's where the Sony Xperia L3 fits in. The predecessor, the

Best Mac 2019

The new MacBook Air, not to mention macOS Mojave and a new Mac mini are all finally here, and the best Macs have never been better. And, if you want to get your hands on one of the best Macs, keep in mind that specs, performance and design mean way more in how

Ram Charan’s Villain Deleted This Tweet, Why?

Ram Charan is busy shooting for his film, RC12 in the direction of Boyapati Srinu. The hero announced his return from slump with a big box office hit, Rangasthalam, this year. Now, the unit went to Azerbaijan for an action packed schedule for 25 days. Vivek Oberoi is playing the villain

Surgical Strikes 2.0 It’s On An Another Level

Surgical Strikes 2.0 will be remembered forever as one of the biggest achievement of India. Why is it different from Surgical Strikes conducted in the past? For the first time since many decades India took the fight deep into the Pakistan territory. Until now, The focus was only on the infiltration

The best laptops for mining 2018

You don’t need a gigantic mining PC that chugs electricity to mine for cryptocurrency. With this list of the best mining laptops you can buy today, we’ve gathered up all the best laptops that can be used for mining. Before you go out and spend ton of cash on a gaming laptop in order to start mining,

Indian Army’s Poetic Touch After Air Strikes

Hours after the air strikes on the Jaish-e-Mohammed Terror Camp in Pakistan, The Indian Army posted a Hindi Poem on its official Twitter Handle. Additional Director General (Public Information) posted this poem penned by Hindi Poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar. Here is the essence of the Poem - 'If you are docile

30 Years’ Pridhvi As A Villain?

30 Years' Pridhvi As A Villain? We have seen comic actors turning into leads and supporting actors like Relangi, Chalam, Padmanabham, Ramana Reddy, Raja Babu, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Suthi Velu and few more. We have seen comic actors turning into leads and supporting actors like Relangi, Chalam, Padmanabham, Ramana Reddy, Raja Babu,

Fact Sheet: The Big Change In Prabhas!

Fact Sheet: The Big Change In Prabhas! All those who are close to Prabhas keep saying the Actor hasn't changed as a person even after becoming Pan-India Star with Baahubali. The only noticeable difference anybody could spot in the Young Rebel is the change of hair styles. Off the screen, Prabhas used

PlayStation Classic review

Sony could’ve followed in Nintendo’s footsteps by releasing a populist's retro console, one that had the undisputed best games of the era like Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy 8 and 9 or Tomb Raider. But that's not the PlayStation Classic. It doesn’t include the majority of the console’s greatest hits and instead opts

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