PlayStation Now review

As it stands, what Sony has created with PlayStation Now is pretty amazing. It's entered an arena in which so many have failed (remember OnLive?) and has emerged with a viable platform for the future of Sony's gaming division. That said, there are still some serious kinks to work out. Unless

OnePlus 7 Pro leaks with a curved screen

We already know that OnePlus plans to bring two phones in 2019. One is expected to be the OnePlus 7, and the other is the yet unnamed OnePlus 5G phone. Now two pictures of the alleged OnePlus 7 Pro have been posted to Weibo (a Chinese social networking site) by IT

Nintendo Switch review

By all accounts the Nintendo Switch has had an amazing start to life, with a number of excellent exclusive games and solid sales. However, the complete package (including Nintendo Switch Online) has only just become available, so we'll have to reserve judgment on that part of the Nintendo Switch experience for the

Samsung Galaxy A80 announced

If the Samsung Galaxy S10 is too rich for your blood then there are now some alternative options from the company, as Samsung has just taken to the stage to announce new entries in its A range, including the Samsung Galaxy A80 and Samsung Galaxy A70. The Samsung Galaxy A80 (pictured

There might not be a 5G iPhone until 2021

While the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and the Moto Z3 (with the help of its 5G Moto Mod) are delivering 5G this year, most rumors suggest we won’t see a 5G iPhone until 2020, but now we’re hearing it might not even be ready until 2021. That claim

Harman Kardon Citation One review

Between the Sony SRS-XB501G, JBL Link 300 and RIVA Concert, there’s no shortage of Google Assistant-powered speakers on the market today. So what can veteran audio maker Harman Kardon do that the others can't? While each of these speakers bring something new to the table, only the Harman Kardon Citation

The upcoming and innovative Samsung Galaxy A90

While Samsung only recently launched the Galaxy S10 range, it isn’t done announcing exciting handsets, as a phone with a pop-up camera that serves both the front and back of the device is also widely rumored. But while we thought this would be called the Galaxy A90, it now looks

PlayStation Move review

The biggest takeaway from our time with Move is its incredible accuracy. Augmented reality instruments move perfectly with the controller, Frisbees fly with the gentle curve you give them and you can select things with superb precision.y As we said, the controller is comfortable, but not for really long sessions of

Best camera phones under Rs 20000

A good camera is a much sought after feature for consumers when they're out in the market looking for their next phone. As such, it's a no-brainer for smartphone makers to double down on their camera tech and make it further accessible. It is exceptional as to how advanced mobile

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